What is breeding caring

Elite Seeing Eye Dogs are sourced from our own “in-house” breeding program. All our breeding dogs (female and male) live in family homes where they enjoy all the comforts provided by their Breeder Carer.

There are a few requirements that must be met, but this is only to ensure our dogs get “the best of everything.”

Some examples of these requirements are:

  • A secure and well fenced yard
  • Dedicated contact time
  • Indoor sleeping arrangements
  • Specific and simple training requirements
  • Regular scheduled veterinary visits (cost of which are covered by SED)

Our breeding program is managed by our dedicated and experienced staff who maintains a close relationship with the Breeder Carer and of course, our lovely dogs. Visits are conducted as per a pre-arranged schedule.

Breeder Carers also get invited to visit and cuddle the pups of the breeder dog they look after. Being a Breeder Carer or being part of a Breeder Carer family is a great way to support the Seeing Eye Dog Program. Not only is it lots of fun, it’s also educational and most importantly you get to look after one of these wonderful dogs.

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